Taunted by John Galt in Indiana

Ayn Rand is incredibly popular in India, but not so much with (presumably Indian) Indiana University student Indira Dammu:

On my daily walk to class, I am taunted by chalkings that declare obscure statements such as â??Who is John Galt?â? Undoubtedly the handiwork of some pretentious â??free-thinkingâ? student group, these chalkings echo a disturbing trend among college students to identify themselves as libertarians.

Apparently “the promotion of social and economic freedoms” is not very “charming” to her.
I wonder what is. Communist bread lines? Socialized dental plans? Inquiring minds want to know.
I say keep up the taunting, guys, until we can get to the bottom of this.
UPDATE (10/18/2007): Thanks to Ryan Kraus at the University of Indiana for alerting me to the fact that this happened in Indiana, not India. 😛