Telegraph India Covers Atlas 50th Celebration

Thanks to Jerry Johnson for the heads-up about this new article in Telegraph India — titled “Take a bow, Ayn” — covering the events in India that Jerry helped organize in celebration of Atlas Shrugged‘s 50th Anniversary.
It begins:

Govind Malkani is in his nineties, with failing eyesight that cannot cope with the regular update of literature on Ayn Rand that is mailed to him in Mumbai from all over the world. He has outlived his wife Tara with whom he used to run a well-known Ayn Rand readersâ?? club in Mumbai in the 1970s.
Jerry Johnson, 25, has never met Malkani but he knows him as a fellow traveller. â??Malkani possibly owns the largest collection of Rand material in the country â?? books, videos, audio cassettes,â? says Johnson, who has kept pace with Malkani in spreading the R-word.
Both are ardent Objectivists, the strain of philosophy that the Russian émigré in America created over half a century ago. On October 12, in their own individual ways, they and other Rand fans celebrated a half-century milestone, the publishing of Atlas Shrugged, her best-selling seminal novel.

See the full article for more.
Jerry points out some errors in the article he’s trying to get fixed — such as prominent Indian movie star (and Rand fan) Shammi Kapoor’s statement that “money is the root of all evil.” Oops.