In Favor of Polite and Respectful Dissent

Soon we’ll be publishing Debi Ghate’s new tribute to the (selfish) meaning of Thanksgiving. With that in mind, a new column by David Hawpe in the Louisville Courier-Journal, titled “Atlas shrugged, but thousands of volunteers boost Every1Reads,” caught my attention.
Hawpe writes partly in response to Ghate’s op-ed, which — like all of ARI’s op-eds — was distributed to media outlets throughout the country.
Ayn Rand has many dissenters, and I’ve developed an interest in the way that people disagree with her. Some dismiss her outright. Some are rude.
Others, though, respectfully acknowledge her position — while respectfully disagreeing. Hawpe’s column is an example of the latter, and I tip my hat to him for that.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.