"Atlas Shrugged Is the Book on That Subject"

For still more about the controversy (among liberal professors, at least) over BB&T’s grants to teach courses on capitalism, see the new article “MU divided on BB&T grant conditions” in the Charleston Gazette.
You gotta love this quote:

In 2007, WVU’s College of Business and Economics accepted a $1.7 million grant from BB&T, with an expectation Rand’s work would be included in the course.
“I don’t think there is business course or an ethics course that didn’t include [“Atlas Shrugged”], that is the book on that subject,” said Russell Sobel, professor of economics and chairman of entrepreneurial studies at [West Virginia University].

Sounds about right to me. Many successful entrepreneurs cite Atlas Shrugged as a significant influence on their work and, in some cases, their choice to become a businessman or -woman.
In that regard, Atlas Shrugged has become to the business world what The Fountainhead has long been to the world of architecture — certainly not the last word in the field, but often enough the first, when it comes to inspiring students and setting them on a path toward success.
With that in mind, it certainly makes sense to me that a business program would require students to read the novel, as an intrinsic part of the curriculum.