Jamie Clay Speaks (and He's Not John Galt)

It looks like IMDB is still listing an unknown actor named “Jamie Clay” as having been cast for the role of John Galt in the upcoming Atlas Shrugged movie.
While it is true that Lionsgate will probably cast an unknown for the role of John Galt, it won’t be Jamie Clay.
At least, not if this is true, from someone who claims to be the Jamie Clay in question and says his friends supplied the erroneous information to IMDB as an inside joke:

Let me start with a simple background profile. Iâ??m first generation born to objectivism. Was raised on the Brandon lectures, Fountain Head and of course Atlas Shrugged. Prof. Tibor Machan is a dear friend (who I grew up with calling Uncle) and Brandon was council to one of my brothers during less stable times. Note if you donâ??t know who Tibor is, itâ??s your loss but google him + Rand.
Iâ??ve always been a Galt like character and when I had my special effects company, my crew would sometimes tease me in comparison. Sometime near the end of last year, one of them thought it would be a funny joke to put my name is for Galt on IMDB, and yes itâ??s very much like Wikipedia only with a larger delay before the change occurs. They also thought it was funny because I was a big Angelina Jolie fan (and that we both share a common birth DAY â?? not year, obviously).
Needless to say when they â??pulled the prankâ??, we all had a good laugh and I didnâ??t think anything of leaving it there, fully expecting IMDB to eventually get the word that it was erroneous. They did and my name was removed.
Then it returned â?? and THEN I noticed these message boards where my name was coming up. (not much of a message board surfer, at least for this sort of topic)
Anyway – I theorized the studio may have liked that there was this buzz about this nobody guy playing “Galt” â?? and maybe thatâ??s why someone put my name back. Iâ??ve made no attempt to resolve this because Iâ??m confident it will resolve itself. If youâ??re offended by my lack of concern on this issue, Iâ??m sorry, take a deep breath and enjoy knowing that your hero is still safe and no doubt will be played by some formula hunk that fits what youâ??ve imagined. (oh sure, as if)
At this point you would have to torture me to play Galt.
PS: part of me does like the foolish, erroneous and biting speculation that has come from this â?? itâ??s made the original prank all the more glorious. Thank you internets.

Actually, that is a pretty funny prank… (Say, can I be next? Maybe we could take turns every week. And by the time the movie comes out, no one will know who John Galt is!)