Review of Touched by Its Rays

Dan’s Hamptons just published a great review of Walter Donway’s new Rand-inspired poetry collection Touched by Its Rays:

If sitting under a large, leafy tree with a cool drink close by and a book of poetry in your lap is your idea of a perfect afternoon, then perfection just got even more profound. Through the exploration of topics ranging from love and parenthood to art and politics, Walter Donway’s Touched By Its Rays (The Atlas Society, 2008) takes readers on a thoughtful journey into revelations of the human spirit.
While the larger themes in Touched By Its Rays can seem particularly political and one-sided, many of the poems are intrinsically universal. Every parent can relate to “To Ethan,” and anyone who has ever loved can hear himself in “Knowing You.” “Seven Callers Waiting” explores the intricacies that keep us from reaching out to those we care about. “A Dialogue of Fear and Love” delves into the complex emotions surrounding love and fear of rejection. In “A Sense of Life,” Donway uses language to create lasting images of the sea, love and an artist’s pain.

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We hope to publish a review ourselves, before much longer.