Jolie: Atlas Shrugged a "once-in-a-lifetime" film

In the wake of Vadim Perelman’s departure from the Atlas Shrugged movie project, Angelina Jolie’s enthusiasm for starring in the movie version of Ayn Rand’s novel is still going strong.
From an interview with MTV:

Regarding the long in development project â??Atlas Shrugged,â? which has been in some form of creative flux for over 35 years, Jolie didnâ??t hesitate to call it a â??once in a lifetimeâ? project. And this is coming from a woman who has won one Oscar, and probably should have been nominated for at least one more. To put it more simply, she makes good films.
â??[‘Atlas Shrugged’] is one of those, I think, once-in-a-lifetime films that you feel, â??If I only do a few more in my lifetime, that has to be one of them,â??â? she insisted.

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