Back to square one for the Atlas Shrugged movie

The Atlas Society has news on the Atlas Shrugged movie:

The Lionsgate project came to a halt on September 30, 2008, when the company chose not to renew its option with Atlas Society trustee John Aglialoro, owner of the movie rights and current script. Now, after a waiting period through the end of 2008, Aglialoro is pursuing other options. In addition to the possibility of producing an adaptation himself, he is in discussions with private investors and film producers.
Burns of Lionsgate remains interested in the project, however, as do the Baldwins. Aglialoro is exploring with them the possibility of a new film dealâ??this time without Angelina Jolie, who was previously attached to the role of Dagny Taggart. â??Jolie failed to seize the opportunity, and weâ??re moving on,â? said Aglialoro.

Not everyone will see the omission of Angelina Jolie as a bad thing.
Read the full update for more — including which high-profile actresses have expressed interest and are currently reading the script.