Free Minds: An Objectivist Summer Conference

A new Objectivist Summer Conference has been announced and will be held June 30 through July 8, 2009, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
From the Free Minds website:

Throughout history, there have been a few isolated periods notable for their cultures of freedom and reason. These periods have produced the greatest thinking, the greatest wealth, and the greatest science, art, and advancements in justice and human well being.
This fact is fully documented but its importance is rarely noted or appreciated. In reality, it is the most important topic of all time. If we want humanity to thrive, the conditions of freedom and respect for reason that allow thriving must be understood, nurtured, and expanded.
The most influential pro reason, pro freedom intellectual movement in the world is Objectivism. This conference will explore its achievements, opportunities for its growth, and its potential for the future of humankind.
It comes together at the University of Nevada, in Las Vegas, June 30, 2009. Low fees, low housing and meal costs, very low tuition for students. It will be a life changing event and the educational adventure of a lifetime.

For more information: Free Minds 09