Daniel Hannan: The Rise of a Free Market Star

If you haven’t seen this video of Daniel Hannan yet, do not miss it:

I appears the public flogging he administered to Gordon Brown has turned him into a rising star among free market advocates. His comments spoke for many people’s concerns, have resonated widely, and important people are standing up and taking note.
Take a look at these clips from Hannan’s recent TV appearances on Fox News. Here’s Daniel Hannan being interviewed by Neil Cavuto:

And Part II of the same interview:

And here’s his appearance on Glenn Beck show:

A few notes:

  • This gentleman is exceedingly well-spoken — strong, clear, and articulate, with a Galt-like certainty
  • He is a natural leader, someone whose words can embolden those who hear them. I haven’t seen anything this galvanizing since the 2004 Democratic National Convention.
  • Unlike many commentators, he does not appear to have an inflated sense of self-worth. He just is who he is. (Note how he took Cavuto’s question about being “the next Prime Minister.”) There’s no feeling that this person is acting.
  • Many Americans, and free market advocates around the world, have been waiting for a strong voice like this to articulate their own views about the financial crisis

It’s easy to imagine Hannan becoming the voice of a new generation (Gen-X and Gen-Y’ers) of free market advocates. At 37 years old, he’s quite young to have such a commanding presence — which gives him plenty of time to make mistakes, grow, and find his footing as a leader.
Am I the only person who would just love to see him debate Barack Obama?