Relativity Media expresses interest in backing Atlas Shrugged movie project

After returning to square one late last year, it sounds like the Atlas Shrugged movie project could get some fresh momentum if Relativity Media proceeds with plans to join Lionsgate as a backer.
A new article on the subject from the Hollywood Reporter begins:

Hollywood could soon be going Objectivist.
After decades in development hell, Ayn Randâ??s capitalism-minded â??Atlas Shruggedâ? is taking new steps toward the big screen â?? with one of the film worldâ??s most prominent money men potentially at its center.
Ryan Kavanaughâ??s Relativity Media is circling the Baldwin Entertainment project and could come aboard to finance with Lionsgate, which got involved several years ago.
Randâ??s popular but polarizing book â?? itâ??s derided by many literary critics but has a huge public following â?? tells the story of Dagny Taggart, a railroad executive trying to keep her corporation competitive in the face of what she perceives as a lack of innovation and individual responsibility.
A number of stars have expressed serious interest in playing the lead role of Taggart. Angelina Jolie previously had been reported as a candidate to play the strong female character, but the list is growing and now includes Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway.

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UPDATE (4/4/2009) – More background courtesy of the Atlas Society:

â??Actually,â? reports Aglialoro, â??Relativity is one of three smaller studios who have expressed interest, along with two of the majors.â? Lionsgate also remains interested in continuing its involvement, despite having decided not to renew its option on the project last fall. â??This is the first time weâ??ve been in discussions with multiple studios,â? says Aglialoro. â??With the heightened interest in Atlas Shrugged these days, the time is certainly right to get this movie made.â?