"Go Galt" with the Fenwicks

From Atlasphere member Steven Schub, lead singer of the world’s only Objectivist Ska band, the Fenwicks:
Music for your “Tax Day Tea Party”: Our (musical) open love letter to John Galt, and a song which may help start a revolution!
“Under The Thorns” by The Fenwicks.
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Words by Steven Schub Music by Jimmie Corrieri
Performed by The Fenwicks
Under the thorns and chains lies a firm resolve
Beneath the files and laws a mind that won’t dissolve
Below the big regime a face without the fear
Underneath the meek and weak a face without the shame
Don’t ask him for forgiveness Don’t ask him for spare change
He’s carried all your burdens This man who knows no pain
Above the firm resolve a perverted scheme
Over the decided mind a parasitic dream
In the name of mercy and humanity
In the name of duty, so-called morality
Don’t ask him for submission Don’t pray for his good grace
He’s witnessed all your purges This man who needs no faith
And though they feed on guilt It seems their food’s run out
He will not buy their myth He will not bear their cross
Man may rise But men will fall
Bureaucrats and Priests expropriate your dreams
He shirks the density of the collective mind
Slinging the sacred filth of the collectively blind
They sink below the stench of self-sacrifice
Seizing salvation in their suicide
Don’t ask him for repentance Don’t speak of moral debts
He’ll owe his life to no one This man who got away