Celebrity Ayn Rand Fan: Marketer Ted Nicholas

Ted Nicholas is perhaps the most famous direct mail and direct sales marketer in the world. During his career, working in 47 different industries, he has sold over 7 billion dollars worth of products and services.
Someone just forwarded me the latest issue of his e-newsletter, The Success Margin. Here is how it begins:

A warm hello from Cyprus, my favorite island in
the world. The sun is setting on my veranda at this
moment as I pen these words.
Ever think about this?
The average small business owner barely makes a
living let alone ever becomes wealthy.
Many entrepreneurs work extremely long hours.
But hard work alone is definitely not the answer to
achieving massive success.
By contrast, nearly every wealthy super achiever
I’ve known and worked with are not workaholics.
(To be fair, I also know a few workaholics that are
rich. But they are unhappy and unhealthy in every
While the super successful are productive, they are
also multifaceted in how they spend their time. And
their lives are a lot more fun too.
I believe it is this “well roundedness” factor alone
that makes all the difference. And multiplies their
margin of success.
I thought I’d share today lots of personal things
about facets of my own life that you may find of
These insights may give you food for thought. And
also encourage you to add some factors to your
Besides my work, here is a brief look at how I
spend the most valuable asset I have – my time.
** Reading **
I read 2-3 hours a day and have for many years.
This includes solid “How To” books, written by
those who really walk the talk.
But I also enjoy fiction. Favorite fiction writers
include Ayn Rand, John McDonald, Rex Stout,
Elmore Leonard. My very favorite author is the late
Miss Rand.