Zogby survey: 25% of Americans have read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged?

From an ARI press release:

A recent Zogby national online survey indicates that 24.8 percent of the 2,232 respondents have read Ayn Randâ??s novel â??Atlas Shrugged.â?
When asked why they chose to read â??Atlas Shrugged,â? 37.6 percent of respondents in the online survey said it was recommended by a friend or colleague, 18.4 percent had it assigned or recommended in school, 9.9 percent read or heard about it in a print/Internet article or radio/TV program, 8.4 percent saw it in a library, and 1.9 percent noticed it in a bookstore.
The survey also indicated that 19.8 percent of respondents have read Ayn Randâ??s â??The Fountainhead,â? 6.9 percent â??Anthem,â? 4 percent â??We the Living,â? and 3 percent â??The Virtue of Selfishness.â?
In the past two years, national telephone surveys of about 1,100 people have indicated that 8.1 percent of respondents had read â??Atlas Shrugged.â? The latest online survey was randomly drawn from a pool of several hundred thousand people while the telephone surveys were drawn at random from larger lists of people who own telephones.