Let a thousand Atlas Shrugged movies bloom?

If you’re not already familiar with it, check out ARI’s “Atlas Shrugged Video Contest.” I think this kind of contest is brilliant, and I salute their innovative efforts here.
It also reminds me of a comment a friend of mine made recently on Facebook, concerning the new Atlas Shrugged movie:

[I’ve long thought Aglialoro should] encourage the production of multiple versions, with a variety of artistic interpretations, styles, production qualities, of Atlas Shrugged as a movie.
I actually think the control that Aglialoro, or any other producer, wants to exert over the film is the biggest obstacle. They want it to be great. Naturally, we sympathize with them, and applaud them for this. This has been the obstacle keeping the movie from being made for so long.
It’s ultimately pointless: How much can Aglialoro affect the quality of the film? He’s pretty much limited to choosing the director and other essential staff. This is large, but… he also needs to ask how great he is at choosing, influencing, controlling artistic interpretation. Or for that matter, his directors or any other key creative contributors.
If instead of clutching the rights to make the movie, he made them free and invited all comers… we could see multiple versions made. I think this would stimulate much greater discussion of the interpretation of the book and the creative merits of each movie, and it would be a discussion which would last for years not just the few weeks or months that the feature film hits the box office. … Keep reading »

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