One thought on “Reason TV: The Making of Atlas Shrugged the Movie

  1. Umâ?¦ people, itâ??s time to lower expectations. Enough already. This is a movie whose philosophical authenticity is supposed to be guaranteed by Aglialoroâ??s admiration for Rand and David Kelley as script consultant. Now listen to Brian Patrick Oâ??Toole, who bills himself as â??the screenwriterâ? (video above, â??Adapting the epicâ?) and whose screenwriting credits before AS are a couple of pathetically inept horror flicks. He sees AS as â??the underdog story,â? which should set off a few alarms. He continues: â??The whole theme of the story is really human evil, and human evil spawns from good intentions. I mean, the government isnâ??t malicious. They think what theyâ??re doing is right; they donâ??t realize their consequences. Thatâ??s human evil, and that, to me, is what the government in this book was doing. Thatâ??s the theme Iâ??m going to take through the whole story, all three parts.â? Oops. How did Kelley let that one slip by him? What a shame. The project needed more money, and more talent.

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