By Heather Wagenhals

We have a special treat here at The Atlasphere; the inaugural podcast show kicks off with host Heather Wagenhals financial colleague, Jim Woods.

Jim and I have backgrounds in the investment industries. We’ve had similar and diverse investment experiences and sharing the same philosophical beliefs learned through the characters of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Join us as we have a conversation about wealth, achievement, and the premise that wealth is more than money.

Who’s On:

Jim Woods is a 20-plus-year veteran of the markets with varied experience as a broker, hedge fund trader, financial writer, author and newsletter editor.  His books include co-authoring, Billion Dollar Green: Profit from the Eco Revolution, and The Wealth Shield: How to Invest and Protect Your Money from Another Stock Market Crash, Financial Crisis or Global Economic Collapse. He’s also ghostwritten many books and articles, as well as edited content for some of the investment industry’s most prominent luminaries. Read more about Jim Woods here.

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This Week’s Lesson From the Lexicon:

Find today’s lesson on page 376 of the lexicon.
It references two separate essays from two different books, one from Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal as well as The Objectivist.
Follow along with our journey into Objectivism with the Ayn Rand Lexicon Objectivism From A to Z volume IV edited by Harry Binswanger with an introduction by Leonard Peikoff. Get your copy now!
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