Ayn Rand at Salon.com

Back in March, on the anniversary of Ayn Rand’s death, Salon.com’s Steve King posted a fair-minded summary of Ayn Rand’s work in their “Literary Daybook” feature. Included is the following description of Rand’s first week in the United States:

Whatever might be said about Rand’s controversial philosophy, difficult personality and long books, her life story is a remarkable one. In 1926, 21-year-old Alice Rosenbaum fled Communist Russia for Hollywood America, determined to be a writer. She arrived there six months later as Ayn Rand — “Ayn” for the nice sound (rhymes with “mine,” one biographer says without irony), “Rand” for the Remington Rand typewriter she brought with her. On her second day, she got a lift and a job from Cecil B. DeMille; in her first week, she met the man to whom she would be married for 50 years.

The article also notes that “A recent book about Greenspan by Jerome Tuccille is titled Alan Shrugged.” I had not heard of this book before, but more information is available from Amazon.com and the book was reviewed at TownHall.com.