New Greenspan Bio

Following up on the lead from Ayn Rand at… Below is an excerpt from’s review of Jerome Tucille’s new (2002) Greenspan biography, Alan Shrugged:

Alan Shrugged provides a thoughtful, penetrating examination of the Fed chairman, from the early years through late 2001. Written by investment executive and biographical best-selling author Jerome Tuccille, and accuracy-checked by Greenspan through his press secretary, Alan Shrugged is likely as close as a lay person will come to understanding Alan Greenspan and the power he wields as Fed chairman. Although written by a fellow financier, there’s little jargon to confuse a lay reader; Tuccille excels at cutting through layers of complexity to present the heart of the matter, be it the workings of the Federal Reserve or an individual.

From the outset, Tuccille deftly evokes images — of the Greenspans’ home environment, Alan’s college years, his early jobs — that enable immersion in the cultures and events that influenced the young Alan. While not a novelized biography, the effect is similar to one, and it’s very effective at keeping a reader’s interest. Of course, the Ayn Rand years are given their due — thankfully, without the tawdry tabloid elements that have found their way into other biographies of Rand’s intimates. Tuccille instead focuses on how Rand influenced Greenspan, and how he influenced her as well, providing a rare, balanced look into Rand’s inner circle and its workings.

Sounds like a book that would interest many Ayn Rand fans.