IHS Summer Seminars

Interested in receiving training to help advance the cause of liberty? The Institute for Humane Studies is offering a variety of free seminars targeted towards students and recent graduates who want to bolster their understanding of the economic, political, and cultural foundations of liberty.
From their seminar overview:

If you’re like many students, you’re not quite satisfied with standard answers to social and political issues. You like to think for yourself, and you often come up with answers that don’t fit neatly into “left” or “right” pigeonholes.
In the face of new global challenges, IHS seminars provide an opportunity to re-examine society and politics from outside the usual boundaries. They open a window on the classical liberal or libertarian perspective – a perspective that begins with individual liberty and explores where that leads for the individual, community, government, economy, culture…

The seminars are offered in a number of locations across the country. Visit the IHS summer seminars page for further details.