Celebrity Rand Fan: David Duval

Ranked No. 1 in the world at one time, celebrity golfer David Duval has ended a seven-month layoff to play in this year’s U.S. Open.
From a new profile of Duval in the Detroit News:

He craves a simple life, but being in the spotlight, being scrutinized, being a high-profile professional athlete and being famous isn?t always simple. It can be, but only if you make it so.
There?s the rub. For Duval, life is a maze. His thoughts are deep. He thinks and uses words such as existentialist. His favorite book is Ayn Rand?s ?Atlas Shrugged.? Duval deals with questions such as, ?Who is John Galt?? Not, ?How many birdies you make today, Double-D??
Duval returns to the PGA Tour today when he tees it up at Shinnecock Hills after a seven-month layoff. He didn?t play competitive golf because he didn?t want to. He?s playing here because he wants to play. He?s not here to think about winning or to win, only to play.
?I didn?t really know when I would play again,? Duval said. ?I just felt like at some point I would feel like I was ready to go, just play and have some fun.?

See Duval’s full profile for additional information.
(Thanks to Atlasphere member Scott Croom for this media citing.)