The Concerto of Deliverance

Concerto of DeliveranceAtlasphere member Monart Pon has commissioned and produced a new CD entitled Concerto of Deliverance, by John Mills-Cockell. The album was released on July 4, 2004.
The Concerto of Deliverance web page states that it?s a work inspired by Ayn Rand?s words in Atlas Shrugged describing such music. Readers of Atlas Shrugged would know that ?The Concerto of Deliverance? is the title of Chapter VI, Part III, and is what Richard Halley?s friends called his Fifth Concerto.
The web site for the album offers samples from the 79-minute work. Also on the site are profiles of the composer and contributors, a pre-production interview with the composer, and the post-production Composer?s Notes, as well as reviews by Objectivist musicians and philosophers.
UPDATE (Aug 12): Doug Wagoner has written a formal review of the Concerto of Deliverance for the Atlasphere.