America Loves to Hate Dastardly CEOs

USA Today recently published an article on the demonization of CEOs in America:

CEOs have been portrayed as villains since the dawn of silent movies and black-and-white TV. The recent real-life parade of perp walks and pay packages is making them even bigger marks.
CEOs didn’t even escape this summer’s sci-fi releases: Halle Berry becomes Catwoman due to skin cream made addictive; Dr. Otto Octavius turns villain in Spider-Man 2 in a gone-haywire attempt to make a profit; and I, Robot exposes the ultimate warranty hassle when products made by U.S. Robotics start killing humans because sleazy executives in 2035 try to cut a few corners.

The article then goes on to ask if the rampant depiction of CEOs in such a negative light is harmless, or “does it have a lasting impact on a system that has made the USA the world’s economic engine?”
Sound like a good plot-line for a novel? How about a movie? American CEOs think so:

CEOs have long awaited the promised production of the movie Atlas Shrugged from the 1957 Ayn Rand novel that portrays business leaders as heroic and society’s saviors. The screenplay is supposedly being written, but that’s been reported before.

I highly recommend you read the full article, which includes a sidebar of movies in which business executives are portrayed as evil — ironically enough, The Fountainhead is one of the movies listed.
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