The Meaning of the Right to Vote

Ayn Rand Institute staff writer Alex Epstein has published an op-ed reminding us that on election day it is freedom, not voting, which makes America great:

Every Election Day politicians, intellectuals, and activists propagate a seemingly patriotic but utterly un-American idea: the notion that our most important right–and the source of America’s greatness–is the right to vote. According to former President Bill Clinton, the right to vote is “the most fundamental right of citizenship”; it is “the heart and soul of our democracy,” says Senator John McCain.
Such statements are regarded as uncontroversial–but consider their implications. If voting is truly our most fundamental right, then all other rights–including free speech, property, even life–are contingent on and revocable by the whims of the voting public (or their elected officials).

See the full article for additional analysis.