Harry Binswanger Endorses George W. Bush

Noted Ayn Rand Institute lecturer and Objectivist Graduate Center professor Harry Binswanger has publicly endorsed voting for George W. Bush in this year’s election. From his article “Vote for President Bush” at Capitalism Magazine:

At this late date, after the three debates, the nature of this campaign is set, and the meaning of this election has come into focus for me. The meaning is: independence vs. dependence. The Bush policies favor America retaining its sovereignty–cooperating with allies as and when they are willing–and America on the offensive. The Kerry program favors America surrendering that independence to curry favor with the bribed French and the America-hating despots at the U.N.
At a time when we are at war, after we have experienced an attack worse than Pearl Harbor, the main issue in this election has to be the war. And, appropriately, Bush has made it the main issue–both at the Republican convention and since.
The Bush doctrine, for all its timid, bumbling, and altruism-laced implementation, intends America to act, to use its military might offensively, even when half the world protests against it. Kerry’s “instincts” are to negotiate, conciliate, and retreat.

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