Ayn Rand Fan: Congressman Ron Paul

An excellent article at LewRockwell.com reminds us that United States Representative Ron Paul of Texas was strongly influenced by the writings of Ayn Rand, as well as other free market luminaries such as Bastiat, Von Mises, and Hayek.
The article consists chiefly of an open-ended interview with Congressman Paul. Here is an excerpt from the editor’s commentary, at the end of the article:

What strikes you first when meeting Ron Paul is his quiet, courteous and gentle manner. It is a peaceful quality. As I talked with him, I began to realize it is a quality of “no force.” There is nothing forceful at all about him. His views are expressed with the strength of the well thought out, cogent argument. Yet, there is not the forcefulness of “you have to think my way” that one often is subjected to in a discussion. You are free to think your way and he is simply saying what he thinks. Don?t mistake that genteel manner for being wishy-washy. He is very clear, direct and resolute when it comes to his principles. Those are non-negotiable. That is where his tough, surety of purpose is foremost.

See the full article for more information about this admirable politician.