Andy Reicker: Graphics Entrepreneur Inspired by Atlas Shrugged

Some of the giant banners you saw on the Thanksgiving holiday NFL games were designed by a serious Atlas Shrugged fan named Andy Reicker, owner of the multi-million-dollar firm Project Graphics.
From a profile of Reicker and Project Graphics in Connecticut’s New Times Live:

“I’m pretty surprised at where I am today,” said the New Fairfield bachelor, a self-described optimist and workaholic whose friendly demeanor in no way diminishes his fanatic pursuit of excellence. “I walk in the door sometimes, and I’m, like, shocked.
“It’s cool.”
Eleven years ago, the up-and-coming entrepreneur embarked on a quest to start his own, large-scale, customized graphic design and printing business, skills he fine-tuned after earning degrees in English and literature at the University of Minnesota.
After spending a few years in Colorado working for an established graphics company, he decided it was time to branch out on his own. He leaned on experiences he learned from working in his family’s catering business on how to sell and market his product.
Inspiration came from reading the controversial 20th century American classic, “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. He said the novel encouraged him to live boldly and make things happen, and ignited in him a yearning to build his own business.
To this day, he embraces certain passages from the novel, reciting lines from it and other works of literature to his employees. The message: Always stretch beyond your comfort zones; always seek the next challenge.

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