The Atlasphere in Time Magazine

Earlier today I noted that the Atlasphere has been getting an unusual number of new signups, over the past few days. And these people are finding us by typing the name of our site into various search engines — meaning, they’d heard about our site from somewhere else. Somewhere … big.
Now we know where: Time magazine has included the Atlasphere in its June 13th roundup of the latest trends in online dating:

?ATLAS HUGGED Need to narrow the choices? E-daters this summer are flocking to a growing number of super-specialized singles sites. Bikers, smokers, Democrats, NASCAR devotees and people with sexually transmitted diseases can surf sites of their own. Even randy Ayn Rand aficionados can gather at to flirt over Atlas Shrugged.

Leave it to Time magazine to lump Ayn Rand’s novels together with sexually transmitted diseases…
Thanks to Atlasphere member Jonathan Rick for giving us the heads-up!