New article in TIME magazine online about the Atlasphere and the Atlas Shrugged movie just published an article about the Atlasphere as well as the Atlas Shrugged movie, penned by Claire Suddath, who spent this week talking with members of our dating service.
Her article is titled “Single Objectivist Seeks Same” and begins:

Let me get one thing out of the way: I have never read Ayn Rand. In fact, until recently I was one of those uneducated boors who thought the author’s first name was pronounced Ann. A few of her readers have corrected me over the years, but for some reason, I assumed they were joking â?? which is also what I assumed when they told me that they’d just read a great book about government intervention in the railroad industry. (That book is now a movie, Atlas Shrugged: Part I, opening Friday in the U.S.)
But then my editor asked me to look into the dating website the Atlasphere, on which Randians can search for their soul mate among fellow objectivists. I didn’t have time to read all 1,200 pages of Atlas Shrugged or even the 680-page The Fountainhead beforehand, so I did what any self-respecting journalist would do: I called up a friend. “Quick, can you explain Ayn Rand’s personal philosophy to me in one sentence?” I asked Fahad Siadat, a professional musician who just finished reading Atlas Shrugged. I know this because he’d cornered me at a dinner party and told me all about it. Which is what people tend to do when they’ve just discovered Ayn Rand.

See the full article for more.

New feature: Link to your Facebook profile

With the incredible popularity of Facebook, we’ve now added a space for Atlasphere members to share direct links to their Facebook profiles.
You can add a link to your Facebook profile on the page for editing the general info portion of your Atlasphere directory profile.
We welcome your feedback on this new feature.

New feature: Browse sites and blogs for free

We’ve made some experimental changes to the Atlasphere’s member directory pages:

  1. Unpaid members can now see full names
  2. Unpaid members can now browse all member blogs
  3. Unpaid members can now browse all member websites

Previously, these features were available only to paid subscribers.
There are thousands of member blogs and websites listed in the Atlasphere directory, so this opens up a significant new channel for interaction, even among members with no paid subscription.
We hope you find these new features useful and welcome your feedback about this or any other aspect of the Atlasphere.

Announcing the Atlas Shrugged movie blog

Hans Schantz and I have launched a new blog exclusively devoted to covering the Atlas Shrugged movie, at
For those not already familiar with Hans, he has done some excellent work already covering the Atlas movie, including interviewing screenwriter Brian O’Toole and creating an excellent Atlas Shrugged chronology, outlining the dates of major events in the novel itself. I’m pleased to have his help covering the movie.
The Atlasphere’s meta-bloggers will continue covering any major developments in the movie, but this new blog will become our primary repository for Atlas Shrugged movie news and discussion.
Recent posts there include a preview (in text and photos) of the Atlas Shrugged movie, an interview with screenwriter Brian O’Toole, and a post with a link to the new official Atlas Shrugged – Part I movie website (a splash page, for now, enabling you to sign up for announcements).
Comments are enabled on this new blog and we look forward to hearing your thoughts as more and more information about the new movie becomes available.
If you’re as excited about the movie as we are and would like to join Hans and me as a co-blogger at the Atlas Shrugged movie blog, let me know.

Got ideas for improving the Atlasphere?

Now that our new site design is (mostly) in place, we’re sizing up our options for additional upgrades to the Atlasphere. And a group of us will be prioritizing these ideas over the coming months. But first, we’d like to hear your ideas: What would you like to see at the Atlasphere?
We have over 21,000 members now, and the technical capacity to do almost anything imaginable â?? so in a sense, the sky is the limit. Should we start focusing more on intellectual activism? Make it easy for members to create their own forums? Help members form and publicize local social/study/activism groups? Make it easy to advertise your company’s products or services on the Atlasphere?
What features would be most inspiring to you personally? We look forward to seeing your ideas and votes, over at Google Moderator.

Scheduled maintenance on Monday morning

The Atlasphere will be down for maintenance for at least several hours early Monday morning, starting just after 12:00 a.m. ET. We’ll be implementing a long-awaited upgrade to the site’s design.
This site could be down for 6 to 8 hours, though probably less. During this time, you will see a page saying the site is down for maintenance and will not be able to access any other pages of the site.
Monday morning is a relatively low-traffic time for Atlasphere members, so hopefully not many of you will be inconvenienced. It should be well worth the wait… 🙂

The Atlasphere hits 20,000 members!

As of today, the Atlasphere has over 20,000 admirers of Ayn Rand’s novels in the member directory, which is our biggest milestone in years.
When we launched the site in 2003, I remember thinking that if the site was really successful we might have as many as 20,000 members from all over the world. It’s quite surreal to see that this has come to pass.
Those of you who have only joined recently may enjoy reading about the Atlasphere’s origins.
My thanks to all of you who have supported the site, either through being one of our original sponsors, buying a subscription, inviting your friends to join, or sending us suggestions for how to improve the site.

Are you single and planning to attend OCON?

A member of our dating service, Theresa, has offered to coordinate an informal dinner outing for members of the Atlasphere’s dating service who will be attending OCON 2009 in Boston this July.
Feel free to contact her through her dating profile if you would like information about partaking.
In addition, we have created a section where we list the men and women in our dating service who will be attending the conference, so you can start getting to know one another before the conference begins.
Any member of Atlasphere’s dating service can add him- or herself to these lists, using the form provided at the top of these pages.
We hope you find this new feature helpful. My wife Kathy and I met at a summer conference in 1999, so we’re always happy to vouch for just how valuable these can be when you are looking for a soul-mate.
If you have questions or need any assistance, please contact us.