Are you single and planning to attend OCON?

A member of our dating service, Theresa, has offered to coordinate an informal dinner outing for members of the Atlasphere’s dating service who will be attending OCON 2009 in Boston this July.
Feel free to contact her through her dating profile if you would like information about partaking.
In addition, we have created a section where we list the men and women in our dating service who will be attending the conference, so you can start getting to know one another before the conference begins.
Any member of Atlasphere’s dating service can add him- or herself to these lists, using the form provided at the top of these pages.
We hope you find this new feature helpful. My wife Kathy and I met at a summer conference in 1999, so we’re always happy to vouch for just how valuable these can be when you are looking for a soul-mate.
If you have questions or need any assistance, please contact us.