Got ideas for improving the Atlasphere?

Now that our new site design is (mostly) in place, we’re sizing up our options for additional upgrades to the Atlasphere. And a group of us will be prioritizing these ideas over the coming months. But first, we’d like to hear your ideas: What would you like to see at the Atlasphere?
We have over 21,000 members now, and the technical capacity to do almost anything imaginable â?? so in a sense, the sky is the limit. Should we start focusing more on intellectual activism? Make it easy for members to create their own forums? Help members form and publicize local social/study/activism groups? Make it easy to advertise your company’s products or services on the Atlasphere?
What features would be most inspiring to you personally? We look forward to seeing your ideas and votes, over at Google Moderator.

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