The Flight That Fought Back

Bob Hessen points us to Arthur Chrenkoff’s review of “The Flight That Fought Back.” It begins:

The story of Flight 93 is extraordinary. “The Flight That Fought Back” is an extraordinary documentary.
On September 11, at 9 PM (ET/PT), Discovery Channel will screen this documentary in the United States, with other countries to follow soon (please check you local TV guides for details). Thanks to the show’s creators, I got a sneak preview and just finished watching it.
I cannot recommend it highly enough.
You simply cannot miss it. I never type in capitals to make a point, but you can take it that I am now. Extensively researched and drawing on some previously unpublished information, “The Flight That Fought Back” provides the most complete and comprehensive recreation of events onboard Flight 93. It’s a stunning, immensely moving production.

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