The Music of Todd Lerner

The Detroit Free Press has published a favorable review of Atlasphere member Todd Lerner‘s new album:

What happens when an advertising writer-designer forsakes his computer keyboard for the kind found in a recording studio? In Todd Lerner’s case, it’s something like you’d expect: kind of self-conscious and not at all shy about touting itself.
But that’s about the worst that can be said about “If Right Now Played Guitar,” a half-hour collection of 11 finely polished pop-rock tunes that showcase Lerner’s ear for subtle melody, drier-than-wry sense of humor and exacting studio skills. At its best, the quirky-and-proud-of-it “Right Now” brings to mind Alex Chilton in his druggy phase, or maybe They Might Be Giants trying to tone down the zaniness. Whether or not you’re enamored of the vibe, there’s no denying that Lerner has a distinctive vision, and knows how to bring it off.

Read the full review for more information, or head over to Todd’s “Song for Free” site to listen to the actual music.
PS: If anyone is interested in writing a formal review of the album for the Atlasphere, send us a note.