Bidinotto: The Republican Betrayal of Individualism

From Robert Bidinotto:

With the recent gasoline price crisis, congressional Republicans had a matchless opportunity to rally public opinion in order to steamroll radical environmentalists, and, at long last, open taboo regions — such as the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, and offshore regions in the Pacific — to fossil fuel exploration.
But no. Once again, in the face of moral opposition — and just as they did after their 1994 “Republican Revolution” against “big government” — the congressional Republicans have blinked, and backed down. As a result, they have now guaranteed that those vital resources will remain undeveloped for the foreseeable future — and thus have also guaranteed our continuing dependence on the anti-American Muslim world for our energy needs…a dependency that is directly causing the deaths and crippling of thousands of brave young American soldiers.
Okay, I have had it.

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