Hudgins to Speak at Hillsdale College

Ed Hudgins plans to address this interesting topic soon at Hillsdale:

Having Your Economics and Ethics Too
(Or Can Mises’ Subjectivism Lead to Ayn Rand’s Objectivism?)
By Edward Hudgins, Executive Director
The Objectivist Center & Atlas Society
7:30pm, Thursday, November 17, 2005
Roberts Room, Cresge Building
Hillsdale College — Hillsdale, Michigan
Ludwig Von Mises was one of history’s greatest free- market thinkers. But while this key figure in the Austrian School believed there could be a science of the means — praxeology — and thus an objective foundation for economics, he maintained that all ends and thus all ethics ultimately are subjective.
But Hudgins shows that using Mises’ own methodology and focusing on the same phenomenon that he studied — human action — one finds the foundations for an objective ethics as well, a foundation without which a free market is impossible.
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