Stopping the Reiner "Preschool for All" Initiative

Many admirers of Ayn Rand’s writings are also admirers of the Montessori method of teaching. In that vein, some readers of this site may be interested in a new initiative that would deeply threaten the viability of Montessori schools in California.
It is called the “Reiner Initiative,” and you can learn more about it at

Hollywood actor/director Rob Reiner wants to change California’s constitution to create a new $2.4 billion government-run preschool program, funded by a massive tax hike.

In the subscribers-only article “Meathead Is at It Again,” the Wall Street Journal had this to say on the subject:

Celebrities with a social conscience are a growing breed in Hollywood. But it would be nice if they’d stick to whales and landmines and leave our children alone.
Unfortunately, California parents have no such luck.
Movie-director-turned-child-advocate Rob Reiner recently acquired a million signatures to put his Preschool for All initiative on the California ballot next June, his second attempt to launch a “universal” preschool program. The initiative would impose a 1.7% income tax on couples making over $800,000 a year ($400,000 for individuals) to offer three hours of free preschool for all the state’s 4-year-olds.
This soak-the-rich scheme would put $2.3 billion into the state’s coffers that Mr. Reiner might himself control if he unseats Arnold Schwarzenegger as the next governor of California. (The gubernatorial ambitions of Mr. Reiner — who once played Meathead alongside Archie Bunker in “All in the Family” — are an open secret in the Golden State).

The web site is a good place to start learning more.
If you care about the Montessori method, please take time to bring this to the attention of your friends and colleagues.