'Keeper of the Flame' Endorsed by Rush Limbaugh

Leading talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh recently endorsed, on the air, Henry Mark Holzer‘s new book, The Keeper of the Flame: The Supreme Court Jurisprudence of Clarence Thomas.
Holzer was Ayn Rand’s lawyer in the 1960s, and his new book represents an important contribution to the public debate about Thomas’s legacy on the Supreme Court, because it provides objective information about Thomas’s actual decisions, helping counter the innuendo and ad hominem public attacks that Thomas has suffered since his nomination to the high bench.
The Atlasphere recently published an excerpt from the book as a feature column, under the title “Clarence Thomas: The Keeper of the Flame.”
Also, economist Thomas Sowell has penned a glowing review of the book (which we will be publishing soon as an op-ed). This is no doubt how the book came to Limbaugh’s attention.
Limbaugh himself has a (justifiably) mixed reputation among Objectivists, but his public prominence will no doubt help bring this important book to the attention of the many individuals who should be reading it. In the past, Limbaugh has also recommended that his listeners should read Atlas Shrugged.
The audio recording of Rush’s endorsement is available online.
The book itself is available for purchase through Amazon.com.