OCON 2006 in Boston

As a reminder, the Ayn Rand Institute will be holding its OCON 2006 (Objectivist conference) at Boston’s Seaport Hotel from June 30th to July 8th. The early registration deadline has passed, but student pricing is still available.
From Yaron Brook’s announcement:

[T]he real attraction of the conference is, of course, our lineup of speakers and courses. Attendees are still talking about last summerâ??s offerings, and we are confident that this summerâ??s courses will only add to the Objectivist summer conference legacy. Speakers include Objectivist luminaries such as Harry Binswanger, John Ridpath, Peter Schwartz and Mary Ann Sures, and topics range from ethics to education, art to opera, politics to perception, and from the ancient Greeks to the corruption of 20th-century philosophy. There are nine general session lectures and sixteen optional courses to choose from, as well as a variety of special events and dinners. Attendees may register for the entire nine-day conference, or use our à la carte registration options to choose those parts that best fit your schedule and budget.

See the Objectivist Conferences web site for more information about this conference and instructions for registering.