'A Scanner Darkly' Features the Fountainhead

Sent to us by an, er, anonymous movie enthusiast:

Last night I saw the new SF film A Scanner Darkly. I thought it was totally incomprehensible and awful and was tempted to demand a refund. In one scene, a character attempts suicide, accompanied by a bottle of wine and a copy of The Fountainhead — which latter gets an enormous amount of screen time. (Although the film is presumably set in the future, itâ??s still the pre-Centennial quality paperback cover — but that error makes as much sense as the rest of the movie.)
Please donâ??t connect this report with my name as I donâ??t want to be informed that I wasnâ??t smart enough to understand the utterly confusing screenplay!

Heh. Yeah, despite the compelling pseudo-animations, it does look like a downer, based on the trailer.
Interestingly enough, The Fountainhead gets a little screen time even in the trailer for the movie. Here’s a screen shot:


That does seem like a rather conspicuous placement of the book. More like he’s brandishing a copy than reading it.

UPDATE: Here’s another review (no Rand background to my knowledge) from someone who liked the movie more.