Computers Are Finally Learning to Drive Cars

Last month, Wired magazine featured a terrific article on the long-elusive goal of developing artificial intelligence smart enough drive cars.
Computers have long been able to see the world. What they have lacked, up to this point, is the intelligence to comprehensively interpret what they see.
But that is fast becoming history.

The message is clear: Autonomous vehicles have arrived, and Stanley is their prophet. “This is a watershed moment – much more so than Deep Blue versus Kasparov,” says Justin Rattner, Intel’s R&D director. “Deep Blue was just processing power. It didn’t think. Stanley thinks. We’ve moved away from rule-based thinking in artificial intelligence. The new paradigm is based on probabilities. It’s based on statistical analysis of patterns. It is a better reflection of how our minds work.”

See the full article for more. It’s a terrific story of brilliant minds learning to understand how we actually evaluate the physical world — and programming computers to do something very similar.
For one Objectivist entrepreneur’s take on developing artificial intelligence, see the Atlasphere’s interview with Peter Voss.