Sandra Bullock on The Fountainhead

This will be old news for some, but we’ve not posted it before.
From an interview with Sandra Bullock in 2004 in Marie Claire magazine:

If you had to pick 12 things you could take to a desert island, what would you choose? We challenged Hollywood’s favorite girl-next-door to name life’s essentials. […]
11. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
The main character, Howard Roark, being safe and strong enough to be the outsider, to be the lone voice, is such a great metaphor for what, in one way, the [movie] business promotes and looks for, and in another way, doesn’t allow. When somebody breaks out and completely shatters the mold, it’s inspiring. It’s scary to set off by yourself like that. But there are so many great books that I have yet to tap into. I think it’s so unfortunate that they force you to read all the classics when you’re a kid. I couldn’t have cared less about Moby Dick when I had to read it. All I could think was, Look at the size of that book! These books are written by people who have experienced life, which, at that age, you have not yet experienced. Honestly? I think there should be required reading for adults.

See the full article for Bullock’s full list of “The 12 Best Things in My Life.”