Letters from Atlasphere Couples

We get e-mails semi-regularly from Atlasphere members telling us how happy they are to have fallen in love with someone they met through our site.
Lately, the frequency of these e-mails has increased noticeably. This morning I received my third happy-couple message in less than a week. After living together for about a year, they’re now engaged and have chosen a wedding date in May. Judging from their photos and profiles, they look like they’ll make a fantastic couple.
I cherish each of these letters, because they really embody the hopes we had when we launched the Atlasphere. My wife and I just celebrated our sixth anniversary together. We are insanely happy in our own relationship, and seeing other happy couples only compounds our joy.
If you’re single and still looking, don’t lose hope. I look forward to seeing a message from you in my inbox one day soon! 🙂