Upgraded Seach Results Functionality

A few of you have written in recent months asking that we improve the way search results are shown at the Atlasphere.
In particular, you mentioned it would be more helpful if the results were divided into a set number of results per page, rather than dumping out all 500+ results on one page if you search for something popular like “chess” or “psychology.”
I finished making this upgrade last night. Now, when you conduct a search, the results are shown 50 per page, and you have a menu for navigating through the results.
Next up: We’ll make it so you can confine your search results to your geographical area — another popular request.
Meantime, take the new functionality for a test drive, if you like, and let us know if you have any additional requests!
UPDATE: Today we also made it so that it’s impossible to view directory profiles that have been suppressed by the user. (Previously, they were simply withheld from being listed in the directory; now they are actually impossible to view, even if you know the correct URL.) The option to suppress one’s directory profile is available only to members with active dating profiles.