Group Encourages Wal-Mart to Promote Atlas Shrugged

To combat the left’s gradual encroachment on corporate policies, some free market activists have begun formally offering Wal Mart a new intellectual paradigm — namely, that the company should embrace free markets rather than run from them.
In the Townhall article “Wal-Mart’s Public Policy Dilemma: Turn Right or Left?” Tom Borelli explains the dilemma:

Most concerning is the possibility that Wal-Mart might actively support government funded universal health care as a way to shift its employee health care problem to the U.S. taxpayer and ease one major area of criticism. Turning Wal-Mart into a lobbyist for the Leftâ??s agenda represents a serious risk to the free market and, if successful, expands the role of government in our lives.
However, Wal-Mart can chart a different course. Instead of following the incremental path to socialism, a shareholder proposal (introduced by an organization Iâ??m affiliated with) offered Wal-Mart a free market alternative.
Wal-Mart can silence its critics by using its clout to encourage its suppliers to promote a pro-business atmosphere. For example, Wal-Mart should rally these businesses to promote free-market ideas such a tax cuts, litigation reform and medical savings accounts.
In addition, Wal-Mart should use its marketing muscle to sell Ayn Randâ??s timeless novel Atlas Shrugged into millions of homes. The book provides insight and perspective regarding the nature of Wal-Martâ??s conflict: capitalism vs. socialism; the risk posed by rent seeking corporate executives; and government interference in the free market.

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