Atlas Shrugged Movie Producers, Director to Speak at Atlas 50th Celebration in NYC

This just in from The Atlas Society:

We’ve just received word that the producers and director of the Atlas Shrugged movie will be joining us at our October 6, 2007 50th anniversary celebration of the publication of Ayn Rand’s epic novel. These will include Michael Burns, a longtime admirer of Rand and the vice chairman of Lionsgate studio, which is producing the film. With him will be producers Howard and Karen Baldwin, the team that gave us the Oscar-winning film Ray, as well as executive producer and Atlas Society trustee John Aglialoro. Also expected is Vadim Perelman, the director of House of Sand and Fog, who is being tapped to direct the film of Rand’s novel that’s still a best seller after half a century. Their remarks will be during the lunch or dinner portions of the program. Details will be posted on The Atlas Society’s website.

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