Invitation to the Objectivism Seminar

Atlasphere member Greg Perkins, a regular blogger at NoodleFood, has begun organizing some new telephone seminars on Objectivism.
The seminars will be book-based, starting with Tara Smith’s Ayn Rand’s Normative Ethics before proceeding to OPAR and other Objectivist classics.
From the announcement:

Truly living well calls for engaging fundamental philosophical ideas and integrating their use into our everyday lives, our everyday actions, our way of beingâ??into our souls. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to get busy with all the urgent things around us, and we can drift, distracted and disintegrated. For those of us who want an ongoing practice in such engagement (and those who want to explore the need for that in the first place), I have created The Objectivism Seminar.
The Objectivism Seminar is a weekly online conference call to systematically work through the philosophy of Ayn Rand via the books of prominent Rand scholars. These moderated, one-hour sessions will be recorded and podcast to allow review, catch-up, and even disconnected participation. The idea is to give peopleâ??new and experienced alikeâ??a forum to chew through key Objectivist works and tour the complete system, further clarifying, integrating, and grounding their grasp of the ideas.
Because it is an ongoing seminar, we will have incentive to keep up with the steady schedule of study and stay equipped to consider fresh angles, concretizations, challenges, and applications from other participants. And because life is so full for many of us, I am purposefully keeping the reading load light and the method of participation unobtrusive. The plan is that we will spend almost as much time discussing the ideas as reading about them. Study like this is productive for both experienced students of Objectivism and those new to Rand’s ideas: I’ve read all of these books, some several times, and I would expect to get at least as much out of this as someone going through them for the first time.
If you are interested, please look over the FAQ below and head over to to sign up!

For more information see Greg’s full announcement, which includes answers to some frequently asked questions about the seminar.