Invitation to the Objectivism Seminar

Atlasphere member Greg Perkins, a regular blogger at NoodleFood, has begun organizing some new telephone seminars on Objectivism.
The seminars will be book-based, starting with Tara Smith’s Ayn Rand’s Normative Ethics before proceeding to OPAR and other Objectivist classics.
From the announcement:

Truly living well calls for engaging fundamental philosophical ideas and integrating their use into our everyday lives, our everyday actions, our way of beingâ??into our souls. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to get busy with all the urgent things around us, and we can drift, distracted and disintegrated. For those of us who want an ongoing practice in such engagement (and those who want to explore the need for that in the first place), I have created The Objectivism Seminar.
The Objectivism Seminar is a weekly online conference call to systematically work through the philosophy of Ayn Rand via the books of prominent Rand scholars. These moderated, one-hour sessions will be recorded and podcast to allow review, catch-up, and even disconnected participation. The idea is to give peopleâ??new and experienced alikeâ??a forum to chew through key Objectivist works and tour the complete system, further clarifying, integrating, and grounding their grasp of the ideas.
Because it is an ongoing seminar, we will have incentive to keep up with the steady schedule of study and stay equipped to consider fresh angles, concretizations, challenges, and applications from other participants. And because life is so full for many of us, I am purposefully keeping the reading load light and the method of participation unobtrusive. The plan is that we will spend almost as much time discussing the ideas as reading about them. Study like this is productive for both experienced students of Objectivism and those new to Rand’s ideas: I’ve read all of these books, some several times, and I would expect to get at least as much out of this as someone going through them for the first time.
If you are interested, please look over the FAQ below and head over to to sign up!

For more information see Greg’s full announcement, which includes answers to some frequently asked questions about the seminar.

'Objectivity' Journal Archive

From Atlasphere member Stephen Boydston: 
I am happy to announce Objectivity Archive at This site is an archive and library of Objectivity, now freely open to all readers and researchers.
Objectivity is a journal of metaphysics, epistemology, and theory of value informed by modern science. It consists of two volumes, each with six issues. It was a hardcopy journal, for subscribers, published from 1990 to 1998. Its authors were both professional academics and independent scholars.
In addition to the complete, exactly replicated text of Objectivity, the Archive site offers additional helpful features such as ABSTRACTS for all the main essays and a SUBJECT INDEX and NAME INDEX for the entire 1770 pages of the journal.

Management Job Opening (Monsey, New York)

Long-time Atlasphere member (and Objectivist Singles founder) Dan Edge sends the following job announcement for his company:

Growing medical transcription company seeks full-time production manager.
Dan’s company is a small, growing company which provides transcription and other services to the medical communications market. We are currently seeking a production manager to coordinate subcontractors, manage projects, and ensure that deadlines and quality standards are met. We need a detail-oriented individual with exceptional organization and time-management skills. You need to know how to make lists for yourself, manage priorities, and operate under pressure.
Responsibilities Include:

  • Convert audio / video to a format usable by transcription software (i.e., MP3).
  • Contract, coordinate, and supervise subcontractors (transcribers, editors, proofreaders) on assigned projects to ensure that deadlines are met.
  • Complete administrative tasks including order status tracking, Purchase Order creation and approval, etc.
  • Proofread final product at various stages of process to ensure quality and accuracy


  • 0-2+ Years Experience in Project Trafficking or Production Management
  • Good familiarity with MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), and very computer-savvy in general
  • 2- or 4-Year Degree greatly preferred
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Willing to learn new things, work creatively, and grow with the business
  • Willing to commute to Monsey, NY

I’m willing to train the right candidate.
Salary – $36k +, commensurate with experience
Call 845-558-9328 or email resume and cover letter to dedge (at)
Dan Edge
dedge (at)
25 Robert Pitt Dr
Suite 218
Monsey, NY 10952

Peikoff's DIM Course Free from ARI

The Ayn Rand Institute is offering, for a limited time, free online access to Leonard Peikoff’s “The DIM Hypothesis” course. The 15-lecture series discusses Dr. Peikoff’s theory of “the epistemological mechanics of society” and how it evolves.
The course covers the hypothesis’ impact on Metaphysics, Law, Science, Art, Politics, and much more.
Details are available at the Ayn Rand Institute website. (Registration required, but free.)

Spring 2006 Journal of Ayn Rand Studies

The Spring 2006 issues of the Journal of Ayn Rand Studies has been published. From the announcement on Chris Sciabarra’s site:

It gives me great pleasure to announce the publication of the Spring 2006 issue of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies. The issue features a dialogue on Ayn Rand’s ethics, with contributions from Tibor R. Machan, Frank Bubb, Eric Mack, Douglas B. Rasmussen, Robert H. Bass, Chris Cathcart, and Robert L. Campbell. In addition, there are articles covering topics in epistemology (Merlin Jetton) and literature (Kurt Keefner and Peter Saint-Andre). Other contributors include Sheldon Richman on Thomas Szasz and Ayn Rand; Max Hocutt on postmodernism; Steven Yates on capitalism and commerce; and David M. Brown on the new Ayn Rand Q&A book.
The issue opens with my own tribute to R. W. Bradford, without whom The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies would never have been founded. This Spring 2006 issue is dedicated to the memory of Bradford, Joan Kennedy Taylor, and Chris Tame. A PDF of my tribute piece is available here.
For subscription information, see here.

Randex Online Database on Rand and Objectivism

Launched in February 2005, Randex is an online database of media references to Rand and Objectivism. The entire database of articles may be searched by text, date, and amount of relevant content. The purpose of Randex is:

To provide an indication of the impact of Ayn Rand’s ideas in today’s culture. This impact can be measured by the frequency with which the ideas are discussed or mentioned, the level of understanding shown, and also by the attitude taken by writers to Rand’s ideasâ??be it positive, negative, or neutral. As the database of references grows, it becomes a source for analyzing longer-term trends in these areas.

To be listed on Randex an item must appear online as a dated article at a news, information, or opinion website. Interestingly, the three new items listed today are repsectively negative, positive and neutral.


Search the Atlasphere from FireFox

If you’re a Firefox user, you have no doubt noticed and enjoyed the feature that allows you to search your favorite sites (Google, Amazon, etc.) directly from the browser itself, saving you the extra step of first going to the site you want to search.
Now you can add the Atlasphere to your Firefox search bar! Any search you conduct using this feature will return the relevant results (utilizing a search by “All Fields”) from the Atlasphere’s member directory.
The search feature will only work, of course, if you are an Atlasphere member. Atlasphere profiles are never accessible to non-members.
If you encounter problems or have questions, feel free to contact us for help.

Objective Standard: Deadline Extended

The subscription deadline to receive the inaugural issue of Objective Standard has been extended to February 24th.
From Editor Craig Biddle:

A quick update as our 130 page premier issue goes to press.
We were able to extend the subscription deadline. If you have not yet
subscribed and wish to do so (or if you want to give someone the gift of
objectivity), please subscribe by *February 24th* to ensure that your first
issue of TOS is included in our initial mailing, scheduled for early-March.
My essay “Introducing The Objective Standard” will be posted to the website
this week and will be accessible to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

Check out their site for more information about this new publication for Objectivists.