Atlasphere Nuptials (with Photo)

Here is a photo of the newlyweds from this month’s “In the Atlasphere” announcement. We offer our hearty congratulations to Grant and Honor on their joyous union.
From their letter to the Atlasphere:

What does one say to the people who have introduced you to your best friend, soul mate, and ideal business partner? This is the question that my darling husband and I are struggling to answer. If it weren’t for this magnificent web site, I don’t know how we could ever have met. We lived on opposite coasts and were skeptical about Internet dating services, that is, until we discovered The Atlasphere.
We had both learned the hard way that we would never be fulfilled romantically with a partner that did not share our sincere commitment to studying and practicing Objectivist values. We had chosen to live alone rather than to compromise any longer in this critical area of our lives. In addition, we both understood that we needed a partner with similar interests or who at least would be open to activities that we enjoyed. All of this and more we found in each other.
It was in the summer of this year that I first discovered The Atlasphere and my future husband, Grant Reason. I read his profile the very first time I visited the web site, and though he had not posted a photo, by the time I finished reading his profile, I sincerely believed I had found my match. His values so clearly reflected my own, it was a dream come true, and it was clear that he was passionate about Objectivism.
I realized that in order for me to contact him, I would have to post a description of myself, which I found to be a great challenge. I really liked the fact that I could edit my own profile online and did not have to upload a photo. I was delighted that I could just “send a smile” and let him decide if he was interested. Little did I know that he had seen my profile before he received my smile, and that he was already smiling and composing an email to me!
What began with a smile by email ended up in a face-to-face smile (on my side of the country) at the Baltimore Washington airport on August 7, just a few weeks after we had burned up the phone lines for many hours. By the next day, I was so in love with him that I actually proposed, “Grant Reason, will you marry me?” He replied, “In a heartbeat,” and I responded: “In a mindbeat.”
We had truly connected in our hearts and minds and were married in a local courthouse on the 13th of August, which, by the way, was also “Friday the 13th” (a date we thought appropriate, to demonstrate we had no trace of superstition).
We had a magnificent drive across the country and arrived in California on September 15. We are now living near San Diego and have started a business together and are helping others to do the same.
When our friends and family ask us why we decided to get married in such an incredibly short time, I tell them, you wouldn’t understand, couldn’t begin to understand, unless you’ve had the experience of actually meeting your soul mate.
By the way, I’ve legally changed my name to one I intend to live by: Honor Reason. If I could share one thing with the readers of this web site it is this: Honor yourself and love yourself so that you will be able to honor and love another.