Rep. Chris Cox Replaced by Fellow Rand Admirer

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Today it is official, former State Senator John Campbell will take the Congressional seat vacated by SEC Chairman Chris Cox.
Campbell is a solid conservative.
In September, I had a chance to interview him during his race. I have republished that interview in full in the extended section. Read the whole thing, and you will see that Campbell will be a welcome addition for conservatives.
Interview with CA State Senator John Campbell
Thursday, September 29, 2005
TC: Weâ??ll start with some questions about conservatism in general. Can you explain to me, and to our readers, what you see as the core foundational principles of conservatism?
JC: Core foundational principles to me are individual rights and individual responsibility. From a domestic policy basis, I think everything kind of flows from that, even the concept of smaller government, or if you want to go into lower taxes or less regulation. All of that flows from the concept that most rights and privileges should be incumbent in the individual and also the responsibility for one’s actions, the consequences for oneâ??s actions come from the individual. I think from a domestic policy standpoint itâ??s that.
From a foreign policy standpoint, it comes simply from the view of Americaâ??s place in the world in that of strength, but also of being the world leader and worldâ??s example for democracy and for the rights and responsibilities of the individual as expressed through democracy.
TC: What conservative thinkers and philosophers have influenced your own political journey?
JC: Well, if you go back early in life, Milton Friedmanâ??from an economic standpoint. I was an economics major in college, and a lot of Milton Friedmanâ??s writings influenced me. And also, and I know sometimes this person has been riddled with controversies of late, and I understand that. I have read almost all of Ayn Randâ??s books. Whereas I know sheâ??s come under attack of late for some things, again the core philosophy of individual responsibility comes through so clearly, and is so eloquently put in books like Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead. So if you want to go back kind of early in life, in terms of philosophers, those are a couple I would say.

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